Ecuador is a subtropical country located on the equatorial line of the world. Its geographic location increases the exposure of it's inhabitants to Uv radiation.
Carludovica palmata, better known as paja toquilla, goes through a cooking process and then it is left to dry under sunlight, before it can be used to manufacture paja toquilla hats. Historically our ancestors use this kind of hats to protect themselves from sunlight exposure.
In colaboration with Fundacion Jovenes contra el cancer we created the awareness billborad, a billboard that slowly changes its color do to prolong sunlight exposure.

*The carludovica palmata, better known as paja toquilla its a a plant which is endemic to tropical forests, for it to be use for craft it has to go through a process in which it is first cook in boiling water (100oC) on a log fire, the idea is to eliminate the plant's chlorophyll and therefore take away its green color. This process takes about 2 hours, afterwards it is left on the sun to dry out. The straw (paja) slowly dries out and whitens due to the uv rays it receives from the sun. This process is going to be use in this campaign as a way to communicate to the public.
Don’t let your skin go through this.


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